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Entry #1

The Nothing

2008-09-15 22:20:13 by ghost45shadow

i fill i never had a chance so i just took one
i never claim gangsta cause i don't wanna be one
all it took was a bad move to see i lost one
but i already bounce back from two so throw another one
not afraid of the big bad wolf i'm waiting for him to come
and i fear not death but i know there's no going back when he done
so why run to beef if you know you could find certain death
your additude could bring you to misery or worst your last breathe
i don't want nobody to find my body shot by somebody just to be a somebody
cause i grow up with somebody that claims to be somebody but end up nobody
see life to me is chess but they trying to play checker
and god forgive me for asking questions but why them i'm much better
or is the gift still waiting for me unopen cause i ain't a go getta
they had got their package in the mail why didn't i get a letter
do i not shine out cause i'm not your one begotten son
i wonder if i fall in the west could i raise in the east like the sun
they worry to much i like to play but know all times are not for fun
i only wish for a good life but i don't think they want me to have one

The Nothing


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